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See the Features section for examples of what DynamO can do.

DynamO is a free and open-source event-driven particle simulator. Event-driven simulation is a fast and analytical technique for particle simulation and is an alternative approach to the more traditional time-stepping approaches (such as those found in Gromacs, Liggghts, and NAMD). DynamO is a reference implementation of many established event-driven models and a research platform for the latest advances in event-driven algorithms.

You can use DynamO as a molecular dynamics package to study model fluids or as a granular dynamics package to investigate solid particle processes (such as the hopper flow to the right). A wide range of particle models are available, from the basic hard sphere, to square-wells, stepped Lennard-Jones potentials, thin needles and more.

Take a look at the features / gallery section of the website to see examples of what systems DynamO can simulate. You can download a copy, and take a look at the documentation to evaluate it for yourself.

Latest News

Windows/Mac/Linux builds now available

Windows/Linux builds are now available via the AppVeyor/Travis CI build system. They are published via the GitHub releases page.

Page last modified: Thursday 29th July 2021