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Windows/Mac/Linux builds now available

Windows/Linux builds are now available via the AppVeyor/Travis CI build system. They are published via the GitHub releases page.

First DynamO workshop: 23rd January 2015

The first workshop on how to install and use DynamO has been opened for registration. This is hosted at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory and will cover the following topics:

Workshop details and registration

Slides and workshop materials

Please note, movies and animations in the slides require Acroread 9.4.1 on Linux, or 9+ on Windows to play.

Dynamo 1.6.0 Released

DynamO 1.6.0 has been released. The major change for this release is the switch to the CMake build system. This should make compiling on other systems significantly simpler. The compilation tutorial has been rewritten and now includes instructions for RedHat systems as well as Ubuntu.

Updated: Tutorial 4 and 5 released

Two new tutorials are now available which introduce thermostats, general data processing, compression, and multiple Species/Interactions. Tutorial 4 also includes an introduction to the dynatransport tool for calculating transport properties.

Tutorial 4: Thermostats and transport properties
Tutorial 5: Multiple Species/Interactions, compression dynamics, and ticker output plugins

Dynamo 1.5.0 Released

DynamO 1.5.0 has finally been released. A range of issues have been fixed (thanks to everyone who took the time to raise issues). This version contains many major improvements, including:

There are also a number of other minor bug fixes and improvements. The full changelog is available here.

Dynamo 1.4.0 Released

A small DynamO logo with a V 1.4 underneath

DynamO 1.4.0 has finally been released. This version contains many major improvements, including:

There are also a number of other minor bug fixes and improvements. Some of which are detailed in the Github Issue Tracker.

Daily Ubuntu Packages Available

A small DynamO logo with ubuntu written underneath

As part of the push to DynamO 1.4.0, a Ubuntu PPA repository has been set up which automatically builds DynamO from the latest development code every day.

This makes it significantly easier to get started with DynamO, as you no longer have to compile the code yourself! To find out more, check out the Downloads section of the site, or click the button below.

Ubuntu Daily Build PPA

Dynamo 1.3.2 Released

A small DynamO logo with a V 1.3 underneath

Another interim 1.3 version of DynamO is now released. There are no major bugs fixed in this release, aside from an almost negligble bias in the reported mean free time.

However, there are some usability fixes for the visualiser and a great increase in the quantity of properties reported in the simulation output file. In particular, the transport property correlators have been completely rewritten.

Please update to either the dynamo-1-3-2 or the master branch in the git repository.

Dynamo 1.3.1 Released

A small DynamO logo with a V 1.3 underneath

A bugfix release of DynamO is needed as there were some fairly major bugs reported and fixed recently. Please update as soon as possible to either the dynamo-1-3-1 or the master branch in the git repository.

The three significant bugs fixed are as follows:

Dynamo 1.3 Released

A small DynamO logo with a V 1.3 underneath

The latest stable version of DynamO is now available. Thanks to a large increase in the number of people using the code and lots of feedback, there have been many stability fixes and general improvements to the code base. The project now has its own website, fully redesigned with improved documentation to encourage further collaboration with the community.

The major new features of this release are:

According to the git log there have been 15707 lines of code inserted and 23107 lines of code deleted, so another big change between versions. You can compare the changes on GitHub, but it may take some time to display them.

Compare DynamO 1.2 and 1.3 on GitHub

This version continues the efforts to shrink and simplify the code to make it more accessible to new developers. There are also many bug fixes and usability improvements, all supported systems should now work out of the box. A full changelog is posted below:

Bug fixes/Improvements

New features

The next version of DynamO will focus on new features, such as compression with walls, assymetric particle shapes, and automatic continuous to discrete potential mapping.

New DynamO site launched

The DynamO site has been redesigned and separated from to make it easier to find all of the information relating to DynamO. The launch of the website is to coincide with the release of DynamO 1.3.

DynamO now has its own web domains, including,, and

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