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If you think you have a straightforward question, please check the online documentation first to see if it answers your questions. In particular, check the FAQ.

DynamO is a research project which has been open-sourced to help push forward both event-driven algorithms and discrete-potential models. The best way to recieve support is to contact and collaborate with researchers/developers familiar with DynamO.

Contacting the Developers

You can contact the developers of DynamO by emailing the following address:

If it turns out that you've discovered a bug in DynamO, you will be encouraged to post a bug report on the Github issue tracker so you can track when the bug is fixed.

Reporting Bugs

If you think you've found a bug, please report it using the GitHub Issue tracker link below. The bug tracker allows others to see how your problem might be resolved and it also allows you to track the progress in dealing with any reported issues.

GitHub Issue/Bug Tracker

Please note, you will need a (free) GitHub account.


If all else fails, there are some alternative event-driven packages (and groups) available and they are listed here:

Page last modified: Thursday 29th July 2021